Interpretation Services

INTERBRICS can meet all Your interpreting needs including the following situations:

  • ConferencesInterpretation Services
  • Hearings
  • Client Meetings
  • Arbitrations
  • Medical Appointments
  • Employee Interviews
  • Recorded Statements
  • Trainings
  • Phone Calls


Сontact us and we will arrange the most suitable interpreting service for You:

In simultaneous interpreting interpreters present the message  from one spoken language into another in a clear and understandable manner.Working side by side, in teams of two or more, the interpreters take turns  speaking into microphones attached to interpretation equipment. The interpreted presentation is then immediately broadcasted to attendees, who are listening on wireless receivers; sometimes with only a word of delay. This method the most of the times used for large meetings, conferences or seminars. Special equipment is necessary.
Whispering Interpretation is an informal type of language interpretation. It is used when a meeting or event is conducted in one language, and only one or two persons attending speak a different language. The interpreter is positioned next to the them and whispers the interpretation during the meeting. This method of interpretation is suitable for business negotiations, site visits, plant tours, workshops and it doesn’t require any equipment.
Consecutive Interpretation is one of the recommended solutions for when only two different languages are. The speaker pauses between thoughts so the interpreter can convey the message to the individuals. The interpreter may interpret after every sentence, or may take notes and then interpret one or two minutes of speech at once. Usually used in courts, small meetings or consultations. It doesn  t requires special equipment.
Professional Over-the-Phone Interpretation, or telephonic interpretation, 24/7 in any language you wish .
Court  interpreting  can be used during legal proceedings, whether these take place in a court room,  or conference hall.

markTo facilitate a smooth interpretation and to benefit target listeners and speakers, we would like to receive materials relating to the subject matter at least 2 weeks before any interpretation event.